Company background

We possess rich and professional experiences with serving Hong Kong money service operators.  We provide high quality computerized management solutions with reasonable prices.  Our team comprises of experienced professional partners, including: certified auditors, professional accountants, bank consultants, and computer system consultants.  You can enjoy one-stop-shop services from setting up a company, applying for the MSO licence, to daily operations of your company.

- Assist in applying for the Hong Kong Money Service Operator (“MSO”) licence

- Assist the Compliance Officer and / or Money Laundering Reporting Officer to comply with the relevant regulations

- Assist in handling the statutory reporting matters

- Assist in monitoring customers and transactions

- Provide customer and transaction data and record input services

- Provide risk management and other training according to statutory requirements


Other services

- Setting up Hong Kong and overseas companies (with plenty of shell companies available)

- Assist in applying for account opening with various banks

- Pre-assessing the status of Chinese nationals and other overseas persons for setting up

  Hong Kong companies and opening bank accounts

- Complete setting up company and applying for bank account within five to seven days

- Provide one-stop-shop services in relation to bookkeeping, audit and taxation services

  (from handling individual’s accounts to arranging auditor's report from the Big 4 professional accounting firms)

- One-stop-shop business service center

- Assist in arranging professional legal consultation services