Scope of Service

- Assist in applying for the Hong Kong Money Service Operator (“MSO”) licence

- Assist the Compliance Officer to comply with the relevant regulations  

- Assist the Money Laundering Reporting Officer to comply with the relevant regulations 

- Provide customer and transaction data and record input services

- Provide risk management and other training according to statutory requirements

- Assist in monitoring customers and transactions

- Assist in World Check for individual / company criminal or financial issue records

- Statutory checking of Hong Kong companies

- Extract of CI checking of Hong Kong companies 

- Setting up Hong Kong and overseas companies (with plenty of shell companies available)

- Assist in applying for account opening with various banks

- Pre-assessing the status of Chinese nationals and other overseas persons for setting up

   Hong Kong companies and opening bank accounts

- Complete setting up company and applying for bank account within five to seven days

- Provide one-stop-shop services in relation to bookkeeping, audit and taxation services

   (from handling individual’s accounts to arranging auditor's report from the Big 4 professional accounting firms)

- One-stop-shop business service center

- Assist in arranging professional legal consultation services